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Use this forum to discuss usability issues of OpenEMM like difficult to use features and ideas for improvements.

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Welcome All

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Welcome all to the new Open EMM Usability forum. The aim of this forum is to get your views and inputs on the Usability of the program from an end users perspective. There are 4 areas that we would like to cover in this initial kick-off topic with all Open EMM users:

1. General Usability. Do you see any areas where we could decrease the user effort required to send a successful email campaign?

2. Terminology. You can see how the language is mapped to the program by looking at the file

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located in

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Can we improve the terminology from an end users perspective?

3. Content Manager. Have you used it in a productive way? Is the existing demo self explanatory?

4. Sendmail. Is there enough information to let you "Throttle" Sendmail from the Open EMM user interface? Would you like to see more or less?

These are the initial topics that we are interested in. It will be great to have the Open EMM community get involved in order to refine the program.