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OpenEMM is writing the "List-Unsubscribe" header info into mailings sent. When using an envelope e-mail adress, it uses this adress as the mailto info in list-unsubscribe:
List-Unsubscribe: <mailto:x@x.xx?subject=unsubscribe:D.A.De.Xjj.A.A.gd5F2ylSFED9NKHJoqV27n9GE29tgW4DUtEYcS-4PfgvFHNHG2ndv_tywXIRqqxxlcpqPsuU3H7_P7SOmqQUJg
Is there a possibility to use a http(s) reference additionally, as described here

Which files would we have to edit to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.