Amazon SES Working

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Amazon SES Working

Post by jim_frey »

It looks like I have Amazon SES working with OpenEMM. It was pretty easy to do.

So here's my basic install - ... c3141.html

Because I wanted to test this out, I bought a new domain to set up Amazon SES with OpenEMM. So in my Digital Ocean hosting, I created a snapshot of the current installation, then created a new "droplet" from that backup so I had a new copy of the installation at a new IP. A couple clicks and a couple minutes and that was done.

Then I changed a few things to give the OpenEMM copy the new domain name -

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connect openemm;
update company_tbl set rdir_domain="http://www.NEWDOMAIN", mailloop_domain="mail.NEWDOMAIN" where company_id=1;
Login to OpenEMM
Administration > Bounce-Filters
Update the "Sender address" on the filters
Finally just followed the instructions here - ... dmail.html

I'm still stuck in the sandbox with Amazon SES so I'm limited to the few email addresses I verified, but all seems to be working well.
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