Windows - impossible to install on drive other than C:

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Windows - impossible to install on drive other than C:

Post by narnett » Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:42 pm

I installed OpenEMM on drive E on my Windows machine. On startup, I got a bunch of path-related errors that show it's trying to read or create directories or files on drive C! Although it was running, none of the logging was working.

Since I didn't know what else might be broken, I looked at the code and saw that apparently there are environment variables that would fix this (although I also saw that the code tries every possible drive to find the OpenEMM home directory). I tried changing every reference to the C drive in the code to "E", but that didn't help. I gave up and moved it to the C drive and now the errors are gone.

However, now I have another problem. I wanted to run Tomcat on port 8089, so I changed the references in the OpenEMM property files to 8089. All that did was cause Tomcat to shut down as soon as it was done booting... and even though logging is now working, there is no error message at all in the logs... so I have no idea why Tomcat is shutting down.

I just realized that I needed to change the port in Tomcat's config file, too. I did that and now it's running again, with the OpenEMM property files and the Tomcat conf file changed to 8089 - but it's running on port 8080!! What the heck?? Now I'm really baffled.

Let this be a warning to anybody else who wants to install on another drive or use a different port - good luck.

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Re: Windows - impossible to install on drive other than C:

Post by Huffines » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:08 pm

I was only able to install it on C drive as well.
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