Connector install issue

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Connector install issue

Post by Joe » Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:04 pm

Background and version info

Had Openemm (v5.5.1) installed and working on CentOS 5. All seemed to be OK but the 'powers that be' wanted SugarCRM installed and to use this with OpenEMM to handle the mailing aspect.

Therefore needed to install SugarCRM (v5.1 which is the only version that works with the OS4E connector (v0.81) )
Java version = java 1.6.0-b09
Python = v2.6.2


As I only wanted one instance of MySQL running and the SugarCRM 5.1 fasttrack installer would install SugarCRM in it's own default location /opt/sugarcrm-5.10c/mysql/ I decided to remove the current MySQL installation.

1) Therefore deleted the OpenEMM database and removed MySQL from the system (Left the rest of the OpenEMM install alone)
2) Installed SugarCRM 5.1 using the fasttrack installer which created a new instance of MySQL and created all the sugarCRM databases. All seems OK as far as SugarCRM is concerned.
3) Re-created the OpenEMM databases using the MySQL that had been installed as part of SugarCRM installer. (Step A in the official documentation i.e mysqladmin -u root -p create openemm)
4) Ran through the OS4E sugar connector install instructions for Linux - ... f/download

All seems to have gone OK until the last step on page 2 which is the bit where I ran /home/openemm/webservices/
(from what I can make out this script deletes a file, runs some javascript that then creates a new file and copies it to a certain location)

But I am not getting the file created at the end and don't know why?

Error Message snapshot

rm:cannot remove `/var/www/html/OS4E_Connector/targets/OpenEMM.wsdl' : No such file or directory
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: at.gomobile.os4e.webservice.OS4EWebservice
------------------------Loads of other java lines------------------------------
at org.apache.axis.wsdl.Java2WSDL.main(
mv: cannot stat `./OpenEMM.wsdl' : No such file or directory.

At the beginning of the error it fails to delete the original file as it is not there (where does this file come from?) but even if I create an empty file in that location and then re-run the script if gets past the original error at the beginning but then still fails at the end when it tries to move the file as one doesn't seem to be created.

Any assistance\ideas\hints provided would be extremely useful and most gratefully received.



To help negate this particular error one way or the other are the following points below worth addressing:-

Is it easier\wiser to have two instances of MySQL running? (One for SugarCRM and one for OpenEMM)
Is it easier\wiser to have the OpenEMM on a windows box instead of Linux. (Is it an easier set up ?)

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Using Python and ZSI with OpenEMM

Post by billmania » Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:50 pm

Did you ever receive any help with this topic and are you using Python ZSI with OpenEMM's ws.wsdl file?
Bill Mania

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