How to put "mailingID" as part of Unsubscribe-link

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How to put "mailingID" as part of Unsubscribe-link

Post by barbaClemens » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:40 pm

I have updated from OpenEMM 2013 to 2015 and in the "Mailing template" I created for OpenEMM 2013 I had a Unsbscribe link that looked like this:

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<a href="[agnDB column="..."]&mailingID=[agnMAILINGID]&lang=[agnDB column="..."]" target="_blank">Unsubscribe here</a>
We are using an Unsubscribe form of our own so that we can update our internal systems at the same time we are using the OpenEMM Webservice to update the OpenEMM system. The problem is that the tag [agnMAILINGID] is not a valid tag when i save my template in OpenEMM 2015. When I try to search the Internet and/or this forum for anything regarding "[agnMAILINGID]" I get no hits. Since I didn't implement our Unsubscribe-functiolnality I have no idea where "[agnMAILINGID]" comes from...

Does anyone know how to put the "mailingID" inside an Unsubscribe-link (or anywhere in a mailing template)?

The problem is that I need some sort of reference to the current mailing so that the "Opt-out" can be connected to a certain mailing.