Dynamic Mailing to multiple list

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Dynamic Mailing to multiple list

Post by saotith » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:25 pm

Before I get myself into this, i'm looking to use Open EMM to do some costume dynamic mailing.
I'm familiar with using other applications such as constant contant and exact target, mail chimp,
What i'm looking to do is create mailing list for all our Reps.
Here's the scenario
We have 500 reps with their own individual mailing list (some with 40 emails in their list and others with 1000)

I as their marketing manager would like to create a general template that will populate the email content with the individual reps name/email/links to their sites
and when we build this email it is costume to the rep, and then we send it to their individual rep contact list.
Secondly we also need dynamic links archiving pertaining to the rep.

My question is OPEN EMM capable of doing this? as we would prefer to manage this on behalf of the rep and not have the rep worry about it.

Any insight into this would be very helpful.