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solved:OpenEmm Installation in Windows7,Xp

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:14 pm
by Sakthi
we have installed the following softwares successfully:

4.apache tomcat 6.0.35

Installation process:

1.Install all the above software as per the list i given. when you run the apache tomcot dont install it into the path:"c:\program files\apache software foundation\tomcat6.0" instead of this crteate a folder as "tomcat" in which you will install apache tomcat.

2. This very important step:

after install the apache tomcat 6.0.35,see the bin folder inside 'c:\tomcat\bin' where you cant see start.batch, file,because
in apache tomcat 6.0.35 windows installer.exe doesnt have start.batch, file.these files are running automatically.
but we need these files to run our openemm software. so you are going to download "" where under 6.0.35->Binary Distributions->core->32-bit Windows zip (pgp, md5)

unzip the 32-bit Windows zip (pgp, md5) into sepearte folder where you will copy the files which are comes under the "bin" folder.

now go to "c:\tomcat\bin" paste the copied files if anything asks to replace give yes

now you have completed. run the setup.batch file in 'c:openemm' first console window asking about openemm details,then redirection domin url,and so on, aftre getting congratulation message

now run the start.batch file in 'c:openemm' two consecutive console window open with some execution information wait 3 or 5 secs ..then open the browser give the redirection url e.'http://localhost:8080' which is redirect into openemm index.html page. you are complete the openemm installation.

enjoy ...