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Priority of SoftBounces and standard mails

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:26 am
by sk
Hello Community,

our problem is, that sending gets slower the more softbounces are in the queue.

It seems that softbounces get a higher sending priority in the sendmail queue than the "normal" mails.
Is there any way to set the priority of the mails produced by openEMM higher than the softbounces?

What we've already tried is, to set a "P10000" in the mail header produced in (createBlockZero()), but with no result. It seems that Sendmail won't use this value.

We use openEMM 5.0.2 on SuSE Linux Enterprise.
Please don't say that we should update our openEMM Version, because there is no way at the moment due to many changes (ORACLE as DB, ...).

Thanks for your answers,