Soft and hard bounce lists - is it possible?

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Soft and hard bounce lists - is it possible?

Post by smcneil » Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:30 am


I'm trying to figure out how the bounce management process works. Basically all I want is a list of email addresses for soft bounces and a list for hard bounces (that way our marketing department can update the incorrect email addresses in the database).

I cant figure out how to see when an address is soft or hard bouncing. Can anyone help me in achieving this goal?

Also I dont know if its relevent but this is in the log file:

[04.07.2008 08:14:40] 2044 WARNING/updBounce: Got invalid line: SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE
[04.07.2008 08:14:40] 2044 INFO/udpBounce: Found 0 hardbounces, 3 softbounces, 0 successes in 4 lines
[04.07.2008 08:14:40] 2044 ERROR/loop: Update for bounce failed



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Post by williamnovel » Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:22 pm

Can someone let me know how to extract the bounce mails

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Extraction of bounce mails

Post by barff-lab » Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:41 pm


I don't know whether it's still relevant but we're doing some bounce mail extraction directly from the database with the following SQL statement:

Code: Select all

SELECT bounce_tbl.detail, bounce_tbl.dsn, bounce_tbl.change_date, customer_1_tbl.customer_id,
FROM bounce_tbl
LEFT JOIN customer_1_tbl ON bounce_tbl.customer_id = customer_1_tbl.customer_id
WHERE bounce_tbl.mailing_id = <Mailing ID>
GROUP BY bounce_tbl.customer_id, bounce_tbl.detail
ORDER BY bounce_tbl.customer_id ASC, bounce_tbl.change_date ASC;
We export the result to Excel/ and post-process it manually by sorting out soft and hard bounces according to the DSN value. Currently, we're only sorting out DSNs 511, 512 and 513 as hard bounces as other codes do not allow secure distinction as some mail servers kind of "abuse" other status codes.

Be aware that the result may contain multiple lines for some email addresses as mail servers may report a soft bounce first (e.g. greylisting) and a hard bounce afterwards (if the mail address is not valid).


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