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Softbounce indication

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 1:47 pm
by cktcw
First of all: I understand how Bounce works and which configuration has to be done for the "hardbounce-function". this works properly on my machine, hardbounces are automatically identified and de-activated as recipients in the user database.

now the description of my problem:
during the mailing process, not every mail can be delivered. the type of returned "not-sent-notification" can be of maybe two kinds (more are yet not explored by me):
1. User unknown
This is relevant for the hardbounce, and as mentioned works properly.
2. Service unavailable
This might be relevant for softbounce.

"Service unavailable" mails are not marked in any kind i am able to visualize. the hardbounced recipients i can export from the mailing statistics, the softbounces even cant be displayed anywhere.

Does anyone know what to do for exporting or maybe just displaying all recipients that are softbounced?