Problems with bounced reports emails

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Problems with bounced reports emails

Post by eleassarathelas » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:08 pm

hello to all

I have installed completes version of openemm on a machine linux (4,0 debian) everything works nevertheless or I have experienced problems with the reports of the statistics first is that at the time of sending the campaign, this does not mark emails sent, always is marking 0, however efectivanete if it sends emails since I am always watching log and I can know that it sends and that no, the other great problem is that for a time in the report of the statistics it has not either been marking the bounced or rejected post office, also remains in 0. I have sent campaigns with nonexistent directions and electronic mail to probocar
reports with bounced post office, even so do not mark them

I have tried to change the configuration of dns for the machine that is to say, that reslva by one of my local DNS and also that solves by itself, has even so not worked this I did it in /etc/resolv.conf, also I have changed the parameters of /etc/mail/local-host-names which does not work either, if somebody has some idea favor to communicate

Peter Santis
Santiago of Chile
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