bav.conf-local file

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bav.conf-local file

Post by timr » Mon Dec 17, 2018 2:35 pm

I'm having a problem getting the aliases read in the bav.conf-local file mentioned in the Install guide and wondered if anyone knew what I was missing. Here's what I did and I'm using the Windows version.

1. created a file in openemm/conf/bav called bav.conf-local
2. Added an entry to bav.conf-local of - the bounce filter I created in th GUI under Admin
3. When I send an email to (with Unsubscribe as the subject line, (so it will come back to the forwarding address I specified when I created the Bounce filter), it bounces back with a "Mail failed-Unknown" user bounce message.
4. If I add a line with "" to /var/spool/bav/bav.conf, the email doesn't bounce and I receive it at the forwarding address. BUT, as soon as I stop and start Openemm, and then view /var/spool/bav/bav.conf, the alias entry of is gone and it only contains

So, it looks like /bav/conf/bav.conf-local is not being read at all. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, resolved it? Again, this question is for the Windows version.