Bounce Management (asynchronouse) - User unknown - solution

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Bounce Management (asynchronouse) - User unknown - solution

Post by Max » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:29 pm

Hello all!
I started to work with OpenEMM little bit before and had many troubles because of lack of (useful) documentation.
There are many questions about why Bounce Management not working, but no answers. This is strange for me, because the software is quite old.
In docs we have only the OpenEMM settings, and explanation is very stingy. So, i start:

To have asynchronouse Bounce Management work properly, you need (i use postfix, so this is for postfix, for sendmail see the equevalent options):
1. in
"mydestination" - must have all local host names EXEPT the sender domain (which you use for bounce management address). If you set here the "sender domain" domain - you will have the "User Uknown" or something else (because the mail for local domain handled by postfix directly, the smtpd_milters not used in this case);
2. in MySQL table company_tbl the field "mailloop_domain" must contain the "sender domain" domain;
If all correct, after restart of openemm in file /home/openemm/var/spool/bav/ you must have only one record equal to "mailloop_domain" field;
the same record with "mailloop" (this is the name of transport from "" file acording to docs) after space in "transport.maps".