How many soft bounces until removed?

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How many soft bounces until removed?

Post by jim_frey » Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:56 pm

It appears that both parts of the bounce management are working for me now. My question is how many soft bounces are allowed before the email address is removed from the list?

I've found that there's a database table called bounce_tbl that seems to track all the bounces. I currently have 6,474,777 rows in that database. What do the fields "dsn" and "detail" mean? I'm assuming those mark the type of bounce that happened.

Before I got the procmail end of the bounce management working, I sent an email out to a three and a half year old mailing list with 35,000 email addresses ( - it's a joke mailing list I stopped working on for a while) and just from the log file reading OpenEMM cleared about 17,000 old email addressed.

There were about 3,000 bounces left. Now that the procmail part of the bounce management is working, I sent out another email and it cleared about 500 more email address. There are still about 2,500 bounces to clear, and I do show them in the bounce_tbl so I'm assuming it takes a few soft bounces to clear them...?
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