How to send Bounce mails to different domain

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How to send Bounce mails to different domain

Post by iam4urk » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:38 pm


I am new to Openemm i have successfully configured openemm now mail are going and i am also receving reply mails. but i am not able to receive bounce emails.

i hosted openmm on domain ex: openemm.xxxx.xx - with Public IP ex:
i configured seperate host (mail server) for sender using Postfix with domain ex: mail.xxxx.xx - with public IP ex:

sender id is info@mail.xxxx.xx

Now how do i setup bounce management for the above setup.

in my DNS server
Configuration is

A record:
openemm.xxxx.xx -
mail.xxxx.xx -

MX record:
mail.xxxx.xx mx 10 mail.xxxx.xx
openemm.xxxx.xx mx 10 mail.xxxx.xx

* now do i need to create another virtual domain in host mail.xxxx.xx i.e (mail server) and redirect the mails.
*else can we get bounce mails to the same mail server for the sender mail.

Can any one kindly do the need full.

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Re: How to send Bounce mails to different domain

Post by unhuman » Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:00 pm

We're (roped in another guy at work to help out) currently working on code to poll for bounces from email addresses (amongst other things). Nowhere near completed, but, initially, at least we're leveraging: ... art-1.html to parse out bounces...

Additionally, Amazon SES (either through API or SMTP) short circuits repeated bounces by putting those addresses on a blacklist, so detection there is necessary as well - pretty easy, but not integrated.


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