How to configure Bounce Management to a different domain

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How to configure Bounce Management to a different domain

Post by iam4urk » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:36 pm


I am new to Openemm i have successfully configured openemm now mail are going and i am also receving reply mails. but i am not able to receive bounce emails.

i hosted openmm on domain ex: openemm.xxxx.xx - with Public IP ex:
i configured seperate host (mail server) for sender using Postfix with domain ex: mail.xxxx.xx - with public IP ex:

sender id is info@mail.xxxx.xx

Now how do i setup bounce management for the above setup.

in my DNS server
Configuration is

A record:
openemm.xxxx.xx -
mail.xxxx.xx -

MX record:
mail.xxxx.xx mx 10 mail.xxxx.xx
openemm.xxxx.xx mx 10 mail.xxxx.xx

* now do i need to create another virtual domain in host mail.xxxx.xx i.e (mail server) and redirect the mails.
*else can we get bounce mails to the same mail server for the sender mail.

Can any one kindly do the need full.