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Debian Etch, Sendmail 8.13.8 (maillog parser)

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:43 pm
by BG

I found that the did not parse my maillog.
One example line from my maillog:
sendmail[7613]: 1db4Tccec00000001: to=<>, delay=00:00:43, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=0, [], dsn=5.1.1, stat=User unknown

There was no regexp match :(
I modified the regexp to this:

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isstat = sre.compile ('sendmail[[0-9]+]: *([0-9A-Za-z]{6}[0-9A-Za-z]{3}[0-9A-F]{7,8}):(.*)$')

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parser = sre.compile ('^([a-z]{3} +[0-9]+ [0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2}) +([^ ]+) +sendmail[[0-9]+]: *([0-9A-Za-z]{6}[0-9A-Za-z]{3}}[0-9A-F]{7,8}):(.*)$', sre.IGNORECASE)
after it failed in the line which contained:

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 mailing = int (qid[:6],16)
because the qid (1db4Tccec00000001) contains charecters not only numbers before the 6th position. So I changed it

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 mailing = int (qid[9:],16)
And it worked.
now I have extbounce.log file with the line:
5.1.1;0;1;0;1;stat=User unknown []

and I have entries in the bounce_tbl in mysql:

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| bounce_id | company_id | customer_id | detail | mailing_id | change_date         | dsn  |
|         1 |          1 |           1 |    511 |          1 | 2008-07-08 15:49:19 |  511 |
but unfortunately I do not have bounces in the Statictics under my mailing.
Do anybody have any idea, how can I fix this?
Thank you

mailing ID

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:30 pm
by BG

is it true that the qid should contain the mailing_id?
Thank you

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:21 am
by ud
The QID contains the mailing-id and the customer-id of the recipient, but only for real mailings. Test- and adminmails are not coded this way to avoid unwanted bounces for test- and adminaddresses. So the original behavior is working by design and is not a bug.

-- ud


Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:04 am
by BG
Hi ud,

Thank you for your answer. I'll test it with real mailings. :lol:
I think this behavior causes lot of false bug report because many of us uses test mailing to test opeemm features.
Best regards

You should only have to change the regular expression ...

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:18 pm
by godber
I found that changing the regular expression was appropriate but the suggested change to the mailing definition was incorrect and should be left as:

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mailing = int (qid[:6],16)
The change mentioned in the previous post only appears to be correct but will not work when you have more recipients. You will start getting "failed to map company_id" errors in your logs after the number of recipients exceeds the number of mailings.

Also as mentioned above the qid is managed by openemm and looks like:

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where the 'a's are parsed out and are the mailid and the 'b's are parsed out and used as the recipient/customer id.


Re: Debian Etch, Sendmail 8.13.8 (maillog parser)

Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:41 am
by Sxandy
For next release, I hope there is a search bar for mailing page. When there are tens, hundreds of mailings, it's difficult to locate 1 specific mailing.