First BETA of OpenEMM 21.10 available

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First BETA of OpenEMM 21.10 available

Post by maschoff » Thu Sep 30, 2021 4:46 pm

If you upgrade your runtime (OMT) to a version 21.10.x, you are offered to download a BETA of OpenEMM 21.10. Since the status is BETA, you should not upgrade your production environment, yet. If you use MariaDB as database and skipped the upgrade to OpenEMM 21.04, please read section 7.3 of the Install&Admin Guide 21.10 first! In any other case, read 7.4 first, because OpenEMM 21.10 requires Java 11 and Tomcat 10.

The new Install & Admin Guide 21.10 is available here: ... _1.0.0.pdf

You can find a list of the new features of OpenEMM 21.10 here: ... or_changes

The openemm package of OpenEMM 21.10 should work for both RedHat/CentOS and SLES.
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