Import recipients .CSV file takes much longer than usual

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Import recipients .CSV file takes much longer than usual

Post by support.5ringsit » Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:03 pm


I wonder if anyone can help us. One of our customers using OpenEMM has flagged a possible issue to us. When they come to import their recipients CSV file the import takes a couple of hours but used to only take 30 minutes to import - Also the first time they try to do the import it seems to always fail. The OpenEMM server is on the same site/network as the customer and I believe the file they are trying to import is around 1-2mb in size. They claim to have tried doing the import on several different PCs but I cant verify if this is 100% true.

Any help or advice would be most appreciated and sorry if the info above is not great but that is all they have given me so far.