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Subscribe & Unsubcribe

Post by Earenya » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:12 am

Hello Y'all,

we are using OpenEMM to manage our newsletter. But for a couple of month now the function of subscribe and unsubscribe is't working anymore.

How should it work correctly:
1. User opens Newsletter-sopport page
2. User subscribes to the newsletter
3. User gets a confirmation mail for double-opt-in
4. User clicks on URL in confirmation mail and confirms the registration

~ User gets newsletters

5. User unsubscribes from newsletter with clicking on a URL link in a newsletter
6. User schould see a confirmation of unsubscribing the newsletter

Here the problem. In step 4 and 6 is an error. Here we use the double-opt-in function, but everytime a user wants to subscribe or unsubscribe the system OpenEMM uses the wrong path for the confirmation.
In the system we implemented the normal process and a process when there will occur some errors within the system. Now the system always creates errors and the complete process cannot be completed.

I guess, that the system has any problems with the system registration process. We use the double-opt-in function. Does anybody have same experience in their system? Do you know how to fix the function?

Thank you for your help!!