Can't change profile

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Can't change profile

Post by ManfredCC » Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:12 pm

Softwareversion: OpenEMM 2013

I use two additional fields in the profile to save the date when a link in the mailing is used by the recipient.

In one field an action sets the "sys date" and in the other field the word "JA" is filled in.

As soon as a recipient clicks this link in the mailing the profile can't be changed anymore. Neither via the "change profile"-Link in the mailing nor via the web interface of openemm (no error is shown, the change is just ignored)

In the database-dump there is no obvious difference between an working entry and a nonworking entry.

I've no idea what i can do. Do you have any idea?

When i delete the entry and set it up with the same content editing is possible again.

Any idea whats wrong?

Thanks for help...