Can not change META folder

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Can not change META folder

Post by cuocxamlang » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:30 am

Dear all my love,
I spend one month for this problem, but I cannot do something better.

My OpenEMM write many files to META, it become a huge folder after some days and I always delete file in META folder
Now, I need to move META folder to a "new folder" on DISK 2 in my server, I opened config file (/home/openemm-2011/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/) and change mailgun.ini.metadir to "new folder"
I restart OpenEMM and send the email, but fail. Event new files (.xml.gz, .stamp, .final) wrote to my "new folder" successfully

Please help me, thanks everybody in advance.