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Send date not showing in overview

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:36 pm
by pbolgar
I upgraded to 2011 RC1 and thne to 2011 RC2 - when it was on RC1, the count was not being updated. Now the new ones are updating correctly, but the ones that don't show a send date in the list, I cannot get them to display.

I found that they did not have an entry in the mailing_account_table so I created one with the sql expression

Code: Select all

insert into mailing_account_tbl (mailing_id, status_field, company_id, mailtype, no_of_mailings, no_of_bytes, change_date, maildrop_id , blocknr) 
                     maildrop_status_tbl.mailing_id as mailing_id,
                     maildrop_status_tbl.status_id as status_field, 
                     1 as company_id, 
                     1 as mailtype, 
                     mailing_backend_log_tbl.current_mails as no_of_mailings,
                     maildrop_status_tbl.blocksize as no_of_bytes, 
                     mailing_backend_log_tbl.change_date as change_date,
                     maildrop_status_tbl.status_id as maildrop_id, 
                     10 as blocknr 

from (maildrop_status_tbl inner join mailing_backend_log_tbl on maildrop_status_tbl.mailing_id = mailing_backend_log_tbl.mailing_id) 

where maildrop_status_tbl.mailing_id>=334 and maildrop_status_tbl.mailing_id<357 order by mailing_id;

The 10 as blocknr bit is completely arbitrary, and I used the mailing_id range that was sent out with RC1 and did not have an entry in the mailing_account_tbl.

This has not handled the situation though - and the reason I would like to resolve it is because now I have a whole ton of mailings that just sit on the top of all the sent mailings looking like they are not sent and the moment you send something and gets a send date, it disappears behind these.

I am sure you'll have this fixed by the final release - but in the meantime, could you tell me where in the database does the Mailings Overview get the send date column from? I can't figure it out from the table schema.


Re: Send date not showing in overview

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:46 am
by maschoff
Sorry, we can not reproduce your problem, because our list of mailings shows a send date for every sent mailing after updating to RC2.

Re: Send date not showing in overview

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:26 am
by pbolgar
I understand. Which table does that column get its data from in the Mailing overview?

Re: Send date not showing in overview

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:53 am
by maschoff
See select statement in method getMailingList of class MailingDaoImpl.