Supply ALL the basic Forms and Actions

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Supply ALL the basic Forms and Actions

Post by Dabbler » Sun Aug 05, 2007 1:28 am

I highly recommend having ALL the basic forms and actions predefined in the installer.

The "Basic" user interactions:
• Subscribe to a newsletter - simple
• Subscribe to a newsletter - Double Opt-in
• Unsubscribe from a newsletter - simple
• Unsubscribe from a newsletter - Double Opt-out
• Changing own profile data
• Handling multiple newsletters
• Double Opt-In confirmation e-mail
• Archive
• Fullview

It really ought to be no harder than just inserting the initial, pre-defined URL into a newsletter or web page. Given a bit of tighter integration with the installer, you could even provide fully valid starter URLs (with correct domain, port, function names, etc.). Once the basic setup is working, it'll be easy enough to go into the forms and tweak the supplied HTML.

Making new users create these basics from scratch is painful at best, especially given the state of the user manual.