Suggestion for roadmap 2014

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Suggestion for roadmap 2014

Post by bhcuong2008 » Thu May 15, 2014 4:42 pm


Today I'm happy to know that OpenEMM 2014 is progressing.

I have some suggestions for this release.

1. It should have Search bar for mailing screen (such as recipient screen)

2. Service Email (script action) should have field "From" to specify source of email. Currently it's using subscriber's email for "From" field. If we want to send service email to someone, then that email must be from us, not from subscriber. The second reason is that we can not authenticate this email, especially when using relay email server such as AWS SES.

3. Please revise my bug here ... c2723.html

4. Each mailing should have opening / clicking log section for each subscriber. Currently we must access database for more details.
Default action for opening/clicking is very useful for modifying profile, dynamic targeting.

5. Web service method for getting stats on mailing list, same as recipient screen. We can get all (or active, bounced, opt-out) subscribers within a mailing list.

6. Web service should have a way for transferring sql statements, especially for SELECT statement. This will help getting data easily, flexible, such as joining tables,..

7. Support mailing templating (use Velocity or something) for dynamic content (using together with powerful targeting feature)

I really want to join this release. I'm not good at Java. I'm a sys admin. I can help debug, testing,...

Thank you :)

- Please write us development guide on Web service 2.0 for extending it.