Provide content element sizes (KB) for mailing planning

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Provide content element sizes (KB) for mailing planning

Post by hzujmccescsl » Fri May 17, 2013 5:49 pm

It would be very helpful for OpenEMM administrators and OpenEMM "content providers" if ALL content elements (modules) provided element sizes in KB increments. Currently, text modules offer no size information, pictures offer image dimensions, and attachments offers original and embedded file size.

This would greatly assist in determining a reasonable size estimate for a mailing, thereby assisting the "content provider" with a rough estimate of the probability of successful delivery and recipient usability. All MTA's ("mail servers") have size limitations - some are fixed and some are system resource availability dependent. The same is true for final destinations (ie; recipient "mailbox").

Roughly speaking, the larger the mailing, the greater the probability of delivery failure, either temporary or permanent. Nothing can guarantee mailing delivery, but knowing the relative combined size of a mailing can be used as a guide to how best form that mailing (ie; more/less embedded media content, more/less remote/external content URL's, more/less media content "period").

This would also help to prevent undeliverable mailings, and help stay within the limits set by the local environment as well as remote environments. For instance, the local mail delivery agent (SMTP) may be limited to 10MB or 20MB, regardless of remote SMTP servers, to help sustain deliverable content. The "content provider", knowing of this "hard limit", could then assess what any given mailing's size would mean in terms of deliverability.

Noone can predict the system or network performance issues for any mailing, with a wholistic viewpoint (ie; "end-to-end"). They can at best, only look at their local environment. Having KB size information available for ALL content elements/modules will help OpenEMM "users" (not "recipients") to better plan their mailing content.