Intelligent Distributed EMail Delivery

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Intelligent Distributed EMail Delivery

Post by posbis » Thu May 28, 2009 8:59 am

If a mailing list has a lot of recipients for the same company (e.g. 10% of the recipients go to
it can easily happen that the receiving email server switches into Paranoia-/Panic-Mode when he sees the same email coming
in for 20,30, ... times and answers with "No such user" for the remaining incoming emails.

This way OpenEmm could wrongly identifiy existing recipients as non-existing.

Could you add a mechanism which sends emails to the same destination domains (e.g. all emails to
in smaller series (e.g. 5 at the time; configurable) and then send emails to other recipients before coming back to and send another 5 ones.

This way you could prevent the triggers on the destination system to kick in and switch to Panic/Paranoia-Mode.

Another good idea would be to have a delay between the series.

Here an Example of alltogether:

If a destination domain (e.g. has more than 50 (parameter configurable) recipients, send them by series of 5 (parameter configurable) emails at the time and then wait for 30mins (parameter configurable) before sending the next series of emails to this destination domain.