Script test for email display mode?

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Script test for email display mode?

Post by lord_alan » Tue May 26, 2009 1:04 pm


A feature I would like to see:

On our emails at the top we have a "If you can't read this mail properly please click here to view in a browser..." kind of statement.

That is fine when you get a real email, but when you are reading the mail on via the form (i.e. In a web browser) I would really like that link to not be displayed. Currently, I can continue to click on these links and open email after email in iframes of iframes of iframes....

Can you add a feature request to the list so we could wrap parts of a mail in a test ?

Code: Select all

if realEmail {
    parse text and links etc
else { #This is for display via OpenEMM form
    do nothing or something different
I'm sure you get the idea.