Clarification needed

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Clarification needed

Post by wakizashi » Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:03 am

Hello everyone.

Can someone explain to me how to handle multiple lists and newsletters when it comes to subscribing/unsubscribing?

For example, if I have 3 mailing lists (all different people), do I have to create 3 separate subscribe, unsubscribe, edit profile forms, or it can be dynamically done?
So user is sub on all 3 mailing lists, and wants to opt-out only from one.
Also, is it possible to make manual unsub form, as in user enter his e-mail address and click opt-out (regardless if it need confirmation or not).
Like, how to convert users email address into valid agnUID and pass it to next form?

Or, is it possible to create unified opt-out form that will present email and checkbox/radio/dropdown field with possible newsletters to subscribe/unsubscribe.

I cannot find it in user man for R2 since it explains basic usage when you generate unsubscribe link when sending mailing list...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Clarification needed

Post by maschoff » Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:59 am

Action "Double-opt-in confirmation" offers checkbox "confirm on all mailing lists" which you may use for subscriptions of more than one mailing list at the same time.
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Re: Clarification needed

Post by wakizashi » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:44 am

Thanks for the reply Maschoff.

Ok that is ok for global unsubscribe, so I guess for separate unsub from 1 out of 5 mailing lists, you have to create initial form and unsub only from that list...

And about manual building of opt-out form (user enter email address, it gets converted to userID and then unsub) I suppose I would have to write some function that is able to do that? I mean, its not big of a deal to include (which I am doing anyway) unsub link, just though it would be more convenient for end user to be able to enter email address and opt-out manually...

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