Actions causing form errors

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Actions causing form errors

Post by Caroline9L » Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:04 pm

Greetings! I'm using 2015. I've been fighting for two weeks now with trying to set up actions to work with forms. HELP!! Here's what happens:

So, I'll make up a success form for my first page (all according to the manual). This page will work just fine, unless I define an action above the success form. Then, linking to the page will produce my error message. Ok, most of these actions need to happen on the second page, so I'll go through the same process and assign the action on the confirmation page instead, as instructed in the manual, in the same place. Invariably, it will return the second page's error message. Ok, maybe if I put the action at the bottom of the first page; then I'll get the success message but the action will not happen. (For instance, if I put unsubscribe at the bottom of the first page/under the error form, I'll get a success message, but nothing changes in that user's information -- they're still in the system and subscribed to all of their mailing lists.) Same if I put the action at the bottom of the second page. The ONLY action that will actually work is subscribe -- if I make up an action with subscribe as its sole purpose and assign that action at the top of the second page, it will work (my test address will be added and/or modified in the system) - but nothing else. Nothing else in that action (like sending a service email), no other actions (such as unsubscribe). I've even tried taking the subscription page that is working and JUST changing the action to something like unsubscribe -- also returns an error.

Can someone enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong here? I've combed the manual and the forums and can't seem to find any solutions that I haven't already tried.