OpenEMM API 2.0 in JAVA/Maven Project

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OpenEMM API 2.0 in JAVA/Maven Project

Post by MSelke » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:45 pm


I installed OpenEMM on a VM in my network and i think this works fine. I editted the emm and the cms property files so that the URLS show to the IP Adress of the VM. I can access the emmservices.wsdl from the machine where my project is installed, and build some Java classes with apache CXF to access the API 2.0. My Problem is that i didnt know how to implement the access to OpenEMM. I build a getSubscriber request and i can run it, but then I get a Authentification error. because im not logged in on the OpenEMM Server and i can't see where I can fill in my login credentials for the ws-user.

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OpenemmService openemmService = new OpenemmService()
Openemm openemm = openemmService.getOpenemmSoap11();

GetSubscriberRequest getSubscriberRequest =new GetSubscriberRequest();
This is my pom.xml snippet.

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Do I use the right wsdl, are there other classes I have to use for access?

I think what helps is a little example for an Serverrequest like(getSubscriber) from a Java based project.

thanks in advance