Mutiple users accessing Webservice

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Mutiple users accessing Webservice

Post by vijaya » Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:41 am

Does Openemm handle concurrent request(50 mailing, each mailing will have one mailinglist which has 100 recipient) to send mail?
For example : 50 request ---> each request can send 100 to 500 mails concurrently.

I have written custom webservice to handle concurrent request (100). each request will send 100 mail .
That total 10000 has to be send concurrently. But the mail Queue contains files than expected and hence the mail received is less than expected.

Note: We have production release, please reply to this mail

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Re: Mutiple users accessing Webservice

Post by mithilms » Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:09 pm

Hi Team,

I too have the similar Query as what Vijaya has mention in her post.

My Team has written the custom SOAP based Web Service which will allow various application to connect through this service to send email.

When doing the performance testing using JMeter, I have few observation

1. When I send the 1 request to the server with the multiple EMAIL ID, the SOAP based service is able to send the email ..
2. When I send the concurrent request (50 request) and each request has 50 email (so in all 2500 email i.e. 50x50), then OpenEMM is not able to send email to the all the 2500 recipient.
What is surprising is that when I restart the sever and the point number 2 is executed I am able to receive the all 2500 email, but again if the rerun the same scenario then I observed high about of failure.

Wold request if any one can provide the insight on this issue as this will help us to understand the product better, so that we can leverage accordingly.

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