Suggestion for naming multiple instantiations of OpenEMM

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Suggestion for naming multiple instantiations of OpenEMM

Post by hzujmccescsl » Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:23 pm

I have at least 5 instantiations of OpenEMM and I have to force myself to look at the URL to identify WHICH OpenEMM that I am connected to. One suggestion for a simple solution to this is to modify the "logon.title" setting in the <openemm home directory>"/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/" file such that it contains a brief string after the regular title value such as "(<hostname>)", or "(<site> TEST)" "(<site> PRODUCTION)", or some other meaningful string. For content providers who will be using the OpenEMM console a lot to do their work, and/or an OpenEMM Administrator with multiple instantiations of their own, it makes it much easier to tell just which instantiation one is connected to. For those individuals that don't understand "URL" or realize where to find it, this may be an even better aid in light of multiple versions available to them. Obviously, such a change may be removed during an OpenEMM update or re-installation, so proper procedures need to be taken to retain this modification if used.