Unsent mailings say they have already been sent

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Unsent mailings say they have already been sent

Post by yakyak » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:01 pm

I really appreciate OpenEMM's ability to prevent accidentally re-sending a mailing. That's a great feature. Unfortunately, due to the way I have my system setup, I cannot get a mailing to send. Before I attempt to send a mailing, the Distribution Status says "This mailing has not been sent yet." But when I click on the "Mailing: SEND" button, the next screen that comes up tells me the mailing is now ready to be sent, and it tells me how many Recipients the target group contains, and it allows me to schedule the delivery time if I want, then I click the final SEND button and get the error "This mailing was already sent. You can send test versions of this mailing again, e.g. for archive purposes. For safety reasons, another sending of this mailing to all recipients is not allowed. "

I AM working with copies of my content from previous mailings (I clicked the COPY button from the MAILINGS tab). Is that what's causing the duplicate check to fail?

Admin and test mailings work fine.
I'm running OpenEMM 2013 on a Windows machine.

Thanks folks!