0 opened mail but correct count of opened links

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0 opened mail but correct count of opened links

Post by ktrls » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:31 pm

we have upgraded openEMM 2013 from open 2011.

In 2011 version we have some trouble counting opened links and opened mail.
In 2013 the opened links count works very well, but opened mail remain always 0.

I had care to setting rating pixel on the top of my mailing.

I have tested with Thunderbird client and Gmail web interface and the result is always the same.
Looking in the access log I see that r.html and g.html calls return result code 200 and 304.

I have looked in the file web.xml of webapp openemm and I see that both are filtered with class org.agnitas.web.filter.OpenSessionInViewFilter
I have opened the OpenSessionInViewFilter source and I see only Spring calls to manage session data. No difference here checking about what page is called as fake gif

I don't know what I have to check more.
have anyone an hint to help me, please?

Thanks in advance