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Action based mails, target groups and subscriber bindings

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:29 pm
by shi
Hi there,

since OpenEMM 2011 I have a problem with the action based mails. We need OpenEMM to manage all our mailings and some of them are event based, but the events can be triggered from other systems outside of OpenEMM.

To solve this problem we do:
1. Mailing (Action Based)
2. Action (Sends out the Mailing)
3. Form (Starts the Action)
4. Calling the URL of the Form.

This works great in all cases, but the action based mails seem to ignore the target group and the subscriber bindings. Even if the subscriber is not on any mailing list the mail will be sent. Is this behavior intended or is this a bug.

Are there any better solutions for intent?

Thanks for your help.