Limiting the maximum number of emails per time unit

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Limiting the maximum number of emails per time unit

Post by Anymore » Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:00 pm

dear emm community

first i must say that openemm is one of the most flexible solution i have ever see.
the programmers has do a great job

maybe some one can help me out with some questions

our database have additional information about what the clients has buy and from what manufacturer
one of the goal is now to send each time a new article has arrived to send a newsletter to the clients

that's not the problem, but when we make this each day, we can't control how many emails the clients received ...
inside all the different target-groups we have a huge amount of clients there stays in more then one target-groups

about them i want to limit the maximum of mails to the clients per week, example "2" per week
maybe with a override option for birthday or christmas wishes

is something like them possible ?

we make around 1 million transactions per year. when this database are the base from emm, i can go very deep inside the marketing
example: hewlett-packard has some cash-back action on ink-cartridges, i can select all clients have buy compatible printers to show them this action

okay, this is really a large database ...
but another problem is now, the same clients has more then one database-entry ( for each transaction/article one entry ). can i control that the clients don't received more then one email ? ( about many email doubles )

i hope you understand my questions, english comes not from my mother ...

many thanks for your help

happy chrismas time and a happy new year

greetings any