Scenario, OpenEMM a fitting solution?

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Scenario, OpenEMM a fitting solution?

Post by juergen » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:39 pm

I'd like to ask OpenEMM community if this product is a fitting solution for the following scenario (and if not fitting, suggest an alternative, maybe :))

I have a java base web application MyWebApp, partly javaee / Jboss 7.

I want to occasionally send a OpenEMM maintained mail template to a group of recipients

MyWebApp -> OpenEMM, via e.g. Webservice, REST, RMI, ...
> send mailtemplate1 to [ / Mrs / NameOfA / ProductNameX, / Mr / NameOfB / ProductNameY, ...]
> send mailtemplate2 to [ / Mr / NameOfC / TicketId001, ...]

Template editor, email api, sending, status tracking, email send history, smtp error handling, ... should be done in OpenEMM

MyWebApp only tells OpenEMM when to send what templates to whom with data to fill the mail template