protect ?

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protect ?

Post by pixus » Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:04 pm

Hello, I'm new to OpenEMM.
I'm interested in using OpenEmm to send emails created by an existing structure.

I created (like the example in ScriptActions documentation) a ScriptAction to send a single email and a form using that script Action.
So, calling the url " ... ear%20Paul..." I can send the email.
But, is there any way to protect this action?

I thought to protect the calls sent from the local network, but I'll use OpenEMM also for the newsletter, so the UNSUBSCRIBE must be reachable also from outside the local network.

A solution could be the using of a password and username in the url, but I don't like too much credentials traveling with url...

Do you have any suggestions?
thank you in advice