How to import template & pass dynamic values with webservice

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How to import template & pass dynamic values with webservice

Post by rastogi_mohit2005 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:29 pm

Requirement : I am trying to integrate my application with OpenEMM for sending Email. We have dynamic templates with fields e.g. FName, LName, CustomerAddress etc. After picking these values from application database I need to send Email to recipients.

OpenEMM understanding : I understand static template (whether use agn tags or not) can be created using UI and with set of below web services execution we can send static content type mails to all recipients

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Problem : With this approach we can only send static content type mails. Here I created template only from UI.
Issue 1 :Is there any way to import a template using end point?
Issue 2 :Is there any way to feed dynamic data to these template (with end point call)?

I tried all the aspects but could not find any solution yet. Above issues are roadblock in order to use OpenEMM in my application. Any help will be really appreciated.