changing colums in default recipient view

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changing colums in default recipient view

Post by mokarram » Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:14 pm

I was wondering if it is possioble to display custom feilds on the default reciepient layout by changin the following code:

Location: /home/openenn/webapps/openemm/recipient/recipient-list.jsp

Code: Select all

<display:table class="list_table"
				pagesize="${recipientForm.numberofRows}" id="recipient"
				name="recipientList" sort="external" excludedParams="*"
				partialList="true" size="${recipientList.fullListSize}">
				<display:column class="name" headerClass="head_name"
					<bean:message key="recipient.gender.${recipient.gender}.short" />
				<display:column class="name" headerClass="head_name"
					property="firstname" titleKey="recipient.Firstname" sortable="true" />
				<display:column class="name" headerClass="head_name"
					property="lastname" titleKey="recipient.Lastname" sortable="true" />
				<display:column class="name" headerClass="head_name"
					property="email" titleKey="mailing.E-Mail" sortable="true"
					paramId="recipientID" paramProperty="customerID"
					url="/${ACTION_VIEW}" />
What I did was define a new alphanumeric field, then modified:

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<display:column class="name" headerClass="head_name"
					property=NEWFIELD" titleKey="recipient.NEWFIELD" sortable="true" />
This returned an error because property=NEWFIELD is not defined. Would any one know where I would define the new property for the NEWFIELD in the above example? Should I be asking Santa ? :D

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Re: changing colums in default recipient view

Post by unhuman » Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:15 pm

I'm betting you need to add, at a minimum, that column to your database.

You should attempt to attach a debugger (Eclipse) to the running Tomcat to see what's going on under the covers. There's always more to do that just play with the JSPs. :)

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