Double Opt-In process / Custom email using wsapi

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Double Opt-In process / Custom email using wsapi

Post by atnetws » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:59 pm


I'm currently trying to use a php application to remote control openEMM and have several questions:

1) Is there any possibility to call a previously defined action that completes a DOI process?
Specifically, I can add recipients via AddSubscriber() and set them to status 5 (waiting for DOI confirmation).
But how can I trigger openEMM to send out an action based mailing that sends the confirmation link to the given email address?
The action is already defined in "Forms & Actions" and all set up. It works if I call it using a browser in an already defined form.

2) How can I send out a single status email containing a standard text and some placeholders to a single recipient?
-"Congratulations, {firstname} {lastname}, you have earned 20 bonus points and reached the next level"
-"Hello {name}, your data has been deleted."