General Guidance - Post Windows Installation

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General Guidance - Post Windows Installation

Post by mmcrob » Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:13 pm

Hi There,
Firstly I'll start with the background;

we were after an email marketting program that would handle unsubscriptions via a URL and would have built into the url the senders ID, as many other products just send the recipients return email 'Not the one the mail was originally sent to'.

Either way we came across this product highly rated, and I have installed it onto a Windows XP test machine. I have configured the Tomcat, MySQL etc as per the windows install guide found on sourceforge, along with hitting the common issue of not pointing the specified tomcat path in the file.

So I am now at the stage that I can indeed send test mails out from my installation.

Now looking at the documentation, I'm struggling with the setup of forms to allow unsubscription etc... as everything in the documents seems to be geared for having a web account with

And this is a little late to be asking this but I assume the bouncebacks have to come into the openemm server via SMTP...?

My redir domain has been set as
My mailloop domain has been set to

The WANIP resolves to

I have mapped ports 25 and 8080 to the machine where OpenEMM resides

Any guidance beyond this point is greatly appreciated :oops: