Compatibility with other applications

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Compatibility with other applications

Post by judgej » Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:46 pm

I am intending installing OpenEMM on a dedicated web server. When I say 'dedicated', I mean we control the whole server and have root access.

Now, one thing that is not clear to me, is how OpenEMM gets on with other applications on the server. We have a single IP, shared by a number of domains. Apache is running and hosting a number of virtual web servers.

So - will this setup work? Does OpenEMM sit happily alongside this lot, and not require its own dedicated IP that it has sole control over? If other domains are receiving e-mail on this server, is that going to be a problem, i.e. does OpenEMM require full control over the mail system, or does it play nice and only get what it needs (the fact that it wants access to a global mail log file is obviously a concern - OpenEMM is *not* the only thing running on this server).

Would Apache just ignore the 8080 port connections, leaving them to OpenEMM to handle? Is "starting up OpenEMM", that is read a lot, actually just "starting its web server"?

The questions arise partly from my inexperience in setting up mail systems. The term "using sendmail" is pretty loaded, but don't know exactly what it means. I think it is the blurred boundaries between the various aspects of the mail systems that confuses me. We have 'postfix' and 'procmail' entries in our /var/log/mailog file. Does that mean we *don't* 'use' sendmail, or are sendmail and postfix just two different bits to the mail system, rather than alternatives?

Sorry if some of these questions are basic: I'm installing and learning at the same time, but I'm no beginner to computing.

And yes, I am reading up furiously on this stuff.

-- Jason

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Post by maschoff » Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:28 am runs Apache (port 80) and OpenEMM (port 8080) in parallel.

You either need sendmail on your server or have to disable the existing SMTP server and use the internal SMTP server of OpenEMM instead.
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