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Usability issue with actions and forms

Posted: Wed May 29, 2013 9:03 am
by Fatalin

Changing from OpenEMM 6.1 to 2013 I noticed that Forms and Actions are now found in a combined menu item (Sites & Actions).
In OpenEMM 6.1 Actions and Forms had been individual menu items.

To create a new action in OpenEMM 6.1 you:
- Click Actions
- Click New action

To create a new action in OpenEMM 2013 you:
- Click Sites & Actions
- Click Actions
- Click New Action

1 Step more to create an action in 2013 does not sound much, but if you need to create a larger number of Actions at ones it is hindering.

After you saved an new Action in OpenEMM 6.1 you can directly click on New Action in the menu on the left side.
In OpenEMM 2013 you must first click on Actions in the menu on the left and then on New Action on the top of the action-list.

It would be good if you could start a new action directly from the menu.