Adding default gw causes certain pages not to load (6.0.1VM)

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Adding default gw causes certain pages not to load (6.0.1VM)

Post by Thunder8911 » Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:21 am

Hello Everyone,

i have been deploying the VMware vmx for OpenEMM 6.0.1 on our
VMware server.

Everything runs smoothly after making the sendmail configs and whatnot,
but there is one problem I just can't seem to get over:

I'm using a 2 NIC configuration, wherein one NIC leads to our local
network (ie ssh connections) and one to pass
the external traffic.

As long as the default route config is active i can browse through every page without problems, but if i add a default gateway with metric 100 it doesn't let me look at most content, but it's the only option that lets me send emails to external targets.

I'm pretty sure i'm just not seeing an obvious Mistake. If that's the case,
excuse the rather dumb question.