Prevent getting listed as spammer,best practice to send mail

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Prevent getting listed as spammer,best practice to send mail

Post by alex999 » Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:56 am


I think about using OpenEMM as newsletter tool for myself and some of my customers.

I have a root server with a fixed IP address and want to use this server for sending the mails. The mailserver is configured not to be an open relay of course and is used as primary mailserver for our customers. The problem will not be the load but the possibility to get listed as spammer.
I think we'll send about 5 x 4000= 20000 eMails a month. Sometimes there could be 50000 altogether a month (not only one sender but different senders/different companies with different newsletters)

What can I do or what things must be considered to not get listed as spammer on blacklists with my fixed root server IP. And I think big provider like in Germany will not allow to deliver a big amount of eMails at a short time (mail bomb).

Are there problems like this or can I send all the mails without problems?
Which topics must be solved before sending without later problems?

Thank you for information,